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MMXVFish and placesFish species  (English)

Fish species

What are in the Danish angling waters?


Copy a temporary directory the your directory into standard program file from. Then place from the distribution the executable file archive of note (also named notepad) in your directory, confirm the overwriting of standard note. After that rename the old note in the temporary directory (for example, rename it to original) and move it back to your directory (that's necessary for the uninstall).

Make sure that you copy, not move, the old note out of the directory first before dropping notes in, and also not rename it before dropping note in. Otherwise we will automatically change the path or name of the associated executable to the temporary directory or new name. Looks like there's is some object-orientedness in the window after all.

Users who have an anti-virus program running in the background ought to re-inoculate the note file before they launch the program for the first time.

Fish species

Ål  (danish)fisk/aal_333.png
Ålekvabbe  (danish)fisk/aalekvabbe_333.png
Bækørred  (danish)fisk/bækørred_foto_333.png
Brasen  (danish)fisk/brasen_333.png
Brisling  (danish)fisk/brisling_333.png
Fjæsing  (danish)fisk/fjæsing_333.png
Fjeldørred  (danish)fisk/fjeldoerred_333.png
Gedde  (danish)fisk/gedde_333.png
Grundling  (danish)fisk/grundling_333.png
Havkat  (danish)fisk/havkat_333.png
Havørred  (danish)fisk/oerred_333.png
Helt  (danish)fisk/helt_333.png
Ising  (danish)fisk/ising_333.png
Karpe  (danish)fisk/karpe_333.png
Karusse  (danish)fisk/karusse_333.png
Kildeørred  (danish)fisk/kildeoerred_333.png
Knude  (danish)fisk/knude_333.png
Laks  (danish)fisk/laks_333.png
Lange  (danish)fisk/lange_333.png
Lyssej (lubbe)  (danish)fisk/lubbe_333.png
Makrel  (danish)fisk/makrel_333.png
Mørksej  (danish)fisk/sej_333.png
Multe  (danish)fisk/multe_333.png
Pighaj  (danish)fisk/pighaj_333.png
Pighvar  (danish)fisk/pighvarre_333.png
Regnbueørred  (danish)fisk/regnbueoerred_333.png
Rimte  (danish)fisk/rimte_333.png
Rødspætte  (danish)fisk/rødspætte_333.png
Rudskalle  (danish)fisk/rundskalle_333.png
Sandart  (danish)fisk/sandart_333.png
Sild  (danish)fisk/sild_333.png
Skalle  (danish)fisk/skalle_333.png
Skrubbe  (danish)fisk/skrubbe_333.png
Slethvarre  (danish)fisk/slethvarre_333.png
Stalling  (danish)fisk/stalling_333.png
Stenbider  (danish)fisk/stenbider_333.png
Suder  (danish)fisk/suder_333.png
Torsk  (danish)fisk/torsk_333.png
Ulk  (danish)fisk/ulk_333.png

Fish and places

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